7″ of Not So Much

(ohhhh, there’s a gazillion ways this post could go with a title like that, but we’ll stay on topic)

Today was my scheduled long run for the week.  Not going to happen.

I sit here at the computer desk and look across the field.  An unusual field of white for around here.  I measured 7″ on the patio and had to put on boots to trek out to pick up the morning paper.  The nearby weather station measured 6″.

This area is definitely not built or prepared for snow like this.  But at least we have power.  There’s enough water content in the snow that the short trek out for the paper soaked the bottom of my comfy pants.  So any run would leave me with soaked shoes before the end of the block.  And it’s 25 degrees.

The other option would be to find a plowed road and hope for the best.

Not gonna happen.

I have my doubts on the quality of the roads at the moment.  I’ve seen a few cars go by, but those are the folks I don’t want to be near.  I was driving home from work in it last night; the folks here definitely don’t know how to drive in it.  I appreciate being cautious, but driving in a driving snow at 10mph, when visibility is still a mile or better, creates more of a hazard than driving faster.

Isn’t it funny how everyone says that the people in their area can’t drive in (insert weather phenomenon here).  Or, (Insert city here) has the “worst drivers” in the world.

I can speak with first-hand knowledge that the world’s worst drivers are actually in Panama City, Panama.  I’ve been in some pretty horrific traffic situations in Cairo, Boston, Seoul, LA, Atlanta, Venice and many other places in the world.  But the Panamanians have y’all beat.  Hands down.

And isn’t it funny how most American drivers think that they are better than average drivers?

Perhaps we’re just bad at math.

Anyway, the smart thing to do today is shift schedules and do my normal Sunday catch-up on school work.  The run will be there tomorrow.  And the roads will be clearer.

Fingers crossed.

3 thoughts on “7″ of Not So Much”

  1. Hmmm, I read last year (somewhere–which makes this 100% true) that triathletes were the worst drivers. Maybe they polled non-triathletes?

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I issued a clarification statement. I didn’t realize that my post would hit a nerve.

  3. Yeah, wise move. In the battle bewteen car and runner – I suspect that while you’re more agile…You’ll lose.

    Some of the local running trails around here they actually plow – it’s sorta amazing.

    My personal favorite driving situation is Thailand. Whacky…whacky…stuff.

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