It’s All Coming Together

Well, the marathon was two weeks ago. The week after was rest. This week was slow, gentle running to get back into it and gauge recovery.

Tuesday’s run was surprising. Very easy effort, yet the HR was steady in the upper 150’s, which is Zone 4 for me. So I rested on Wednesday, mainly because of the late night Tuesday and the snow Wednesday.

Thursday’s run was again a very easy effort and the HR was lower, but still steady around 150, which is upper Zone 3 for me. Due to significant issues at work, I took Friday off, although we had a “smoke session” at work, which was ~50 minutes of focused calisthenics; 15 focused minutes on legs, 15 focused minutes on arms, 15 focused minutes on abs and 5 minutes of plank positions. Each section had 15 different exercises, each a minute apiece. Most were to muscle failure, so I was a bit stiff today.

Today was a scheduled 90-minute run. It was a beautiful day, with a high in the upper 50’s. Since it was so warm (relatively), I waited until later in the day when the temps would be dropping.

The first 4 miles were gradual warm-up then tempo., which was very comfortable at 7-minute pace. After the turnaround, I worked on a tempo/walk scheme, holding 8:30-minute pace for two minutes, then walk for one minute, a la Jeff Galloway’s method. All in all, it felt quite good, covering 8-miles in 1:18. Overall not too fast (9:45 average), but I was quite pleased with the tempo portions.

I followed up the run with a 35-minute yoga stretch session, at Goddess’ insistence. She sure rocks. Otherwise I would have done a very perfunctory 5-minutes (if that) and would be tighter than a drum right now.

I’m finally having to face my age and increase the time I spend stretching. I used to roll in from a 15-mile run, not stretch at all and be fine for another long run the next day. But since I’m not cross training as much this year and pretty much only running, I’ve tightened up quite a bit. That effects my runs and I’m spending a lot more time working on trigger points and lengthening these older muscles. Oh well, it happens to all of us.

Cranking up the intensity during the week and a longer run next weekend, getting ready for the Tom King 1/2 Marathon in two weeks.


3 thoughts on “It’s All Coming Together”

  1. I love reading these kinds of posts . . . it forces me to value my youth, instead of allowing it to slip by.

    What is your goal with the Jeff Galloway method? Are you hoping to stave off injury, or get an overall faster time, or a little bit of both . . . ?

  2. Funny how 50* does indeed feel like a heat wave. I went with shorts and t-shirt both today and yesterday while just tooling around.

    Yet three weeks from now, we’ll all be looking back at those ‘cool’ 50* days.

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