Gluteus Minimus FTW

Well, it seems the trigger point that I “discovered” last weekend did the trick.  I’m not 100%, but I was able to make it the whole 26.2 without any pain.  A fair bit of discomfort in that area, but no pain.

Bottom line:  I finished.  5:57:14 on a flat course (!!!!).  There was some good, not much bad and a whole lotta ugly.

Race report to follow once we get back home later this week.


9 thoughts on “Gluteus Minimus FTW”

  1. Wow – I’m so impressed that you were even able to finish given the limited training you’ve managed in the recent weeks. Congrats on another one!

    Take care of that glut! I’m sure Goddess won’t mind massaging the trigger point for ya…

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