Well, I’ve been meaning to update, but this has been a crazy week. Then the following message kicked me in the butt:

“How are things looking for your marathon?
Must have blog update!”

Well, in a word – crappy!

Reaching back a few posts ago, I pulled my calf (or something along those lines). That was the key to take a week off. So ten days later, I went out for a shuffle. It still didn’t feel right, so I stayed off of it more. This past Tuesday I went out for another shuffle and the same results.

Day to day activities and I can’t feel anything “off” in my calf. The first 3/4 mile on Tuesday’s shuffle was at 11:30 pace and everything felt just fine. Then the twinge. I stopped immediately and walked back. I did try to shuffle a bit more, but the twinge was still there. I could feel it the rest of the day.

I’ve been rolling, stretching and massaging all of the muscles throughout the calf and quads. It’s definitely looser, but not there yet. I’ve got seven days until the marathon, but I think I may be walking the 1/2 with Goddess and my sister. No sense in doing real damage and further extending my down time.

But I’ve also got a bit of hope that I’ll feel fine by mid-week and be able to run on Saturday.


10 thoughts on “Frustration”

  1. Have you been to see a physio about the leg? I’ve no experience of this kind of problem, I’m not a doctor (“and don’t even play one on TV”), but sounds like it might be time to get some sort of qualified opinion.

    In the meantime though, your plan for taking a weekend stroll with the Goddess sounds pretty good. Although I’ve never met her, I still get the impression from your writing that three hours in her company would beat hands down 90 minutes in the company of bunch of sweating, hurting, goal-obsessed racers! 🙂

  2. Definitely, Karl. Bill, if you have a goddess with whom to walk for three hours, you should most assuredly look on this injury as a boon from the gods.

    Seriously, I understand your frustration. But you’re doing the right thing. You know, don’t want to jeopardize future training.

  3. I hear ya on frustrating lower-body issues. I can say that the smartest thing I did was go see a sports doctor. Sometimes they have solutions. 😉

    Good luck on getting better – like you said, no point in injuring yourself any further this early in teh season.

  4. I wish you luck with your upcoming marathon. I haven’t been able to run much the last 3 weeks. I’m now struggling with lower back troubles, although that seems to be resolving itself and, I think, bursitis in my right knee. My current regiment is ice every hour and lots of aspirin. It seems to be making a difference and, hopefully, I will be back on the bike later this week – maybe running again the next. I have to learn to listen more to my body and ease up when that is what it is telling me to do. I know one thing, whatever else, I gotta keep movin’ 😉

  5. Thanks, Brent.

    I’m hoping sooner. I was manipulating the trigger point in my outer calf last night while driving and it sent an exquisite pain up my leg and into my back. A bit of research has let me in another direction, so hopefully a few massage sessions will sort it out.

  6. @karl,

    I haven’t seen a physio about the leg. Unfortunately, the ones that I have access to are less than adequate. From experience, as well as talking with co-workers, their only prescription is no activity and megadoses of ibuprofen. But there may be good news – I was manipulating the trigger point in my outer calf last night while driving and it sent an exquisite pain up my leg and into my back. A bit of research has let me in another direction, so hopefully a few massage sessions will sort it out.

    I totally agree with your assessment of Goddess. Every moment is a wonderful moment.

  7. 😀 Thank you, Jamie.

    I try to look at everything in a positive light, even when the experience is negative. I fail often, but I try. And walking for many hours with Goddess is a wonderful thing. She was by my side for the majority of my failed run-leg of my Iron-distance race, keeping my spirits up while talking about the scenery. I know we can do it again.

  8. @rain,

    The worst part about my medical support is that in order to get to a Sports Physio, I have to get past the general med guys, who are like a brick wall. Their solution for everything is megadoses of ibuprofen and absolutely no activity. When I describe my physical activity, I get a dumbfounded look from someone who can’t comprehend.

    But there may be light at the end of tunnel…

  9. @lou,

    Definitely keep moving. That is the key.

    I’m a huge fan of “The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook”, which you can get for a reasonable price at Amazon. That book, along with your Stick and a tennis ball or two, can do some amazing things. It sounds like you can benefit from it, since maintenance is always cheaper than the cure.

    Thank you for the well wishes!

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