Well, today was the Southeast Tri Expo down in Nashville. We were looking forward to heading down there, checking out the goods and hearing Michael Lovato speak.

But we were sidetracked.

By an adoption.

We now have a new baby in the house.

Everyone, meet Skinny, aka Skinny Man. He was born SMK Skynyrd, as in Lynryd Skynyrd.   At just three and a half years old, he’s still a young pup (who weighs about 75lbs). One who’s actually never raced.

The Rock & Roll name will work well in this house, given our love of music.  It would have been really great to meet his siblings – SMK Rush and SMK Zeppelin.

The fine folks at Greyhound Pets of America/Nashville (GPAN) brought Skinny to our house, along with two other wonderful greys. If we could have pulled it off, I think we would have been fine with all three. At once. But it’s better to take things slowly. I’m sure Goddess and I will adopt a few more over the years.


15 thoughts on “Adoption”

  1. Not sure if I have told you this in the past…my sister and her husband have rescued 2 greys…LOVE them, they are great dogs!
    Have fun with SkinnyA
    Take Care

  2. @Molly,

    He’s definitely a wonderful one. He’s had difficulties being placed, for various reasons. The last couple that had him tried to baby him and be his friend, so when it came time to assert Alpha position, the guy got a nip and he didn’t like that. But the guy wasn’t Alpha, so he got what was coming.

    So we’ve set the roles straight off the bat. He immediately recognized Goddess for the Alpha that she is for all of us in this home. And he’s now recognized that he’s not second, either.

    We’ll get along just fine.

  3. @Rain,

    I can certainly run with him. I’ll have to give him a few tries to see how he takes to it.

    Most folks don’t run with their greys and the dogs do just fine. Those that do run only run with them during their warmup (1 mile or less) since the dogs are built for all-out speed for a 1/2 mile or so. The typical race length is 5/8 mile.

    We’re looking forward to finding a ball field or some other closed off area where we can let him off leash. I’d love to see him at full speed.

  4. He is too cute! And what a coincidence about my Friday photo at the Heath! 🙂
    Big cuddles to the Skinny Man from me. 😉 (And of course a manly hug to you!)

  5. Congrats! We had an ex-racer years ago. Ours never took to running. As you mentioned, she hated distances and would lag way behind me. But bring her to the dog park for some all out speed sessions with the other greyhounds, YOU BET!

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