When will they put in lanes?

“I swam 4,000 yards today. It was only two laps.” 😉

Behold the world’s largest swimming pool. And no, it’s not a hoax. One lap would be the swim leg of a 1/2 IM! Click on the pic for the story and more pictures.

Although I find it funny that it’s a saltwater pool, separated by 40 yards of sand from more saltwater.

Personally, I’ll swim OW.

9 thoughts on “When will they put in lanes?”

  1. I don’t know, cold water, sharks, yucky seaweed in your swimsuit, I might take the pool over the real thing. Well, at least sometimes. At least you know how far you swam.

  2. Wow. The water is so clear and beautiful, I don’t know if I could resist swimming in it at least once. But it’s not like the ocean off the coast of Chile looks disgusting, either.

  3. I wonder how many swim up bars they have in that swimming pool. One lap of the pool and you might sauced. Speaking of such activity, they must really have a big pee filter for that pool.

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