Well, since I’m taking a forced hiatus from running, I’ve turned to stretching. That’s a good thing, because it’s definitely my weakness. I know all about the benefits, but choose to ignore the facts. I’ll give a half-hearted two or three minutes after a run, but that’s it.  So here I am, hobbled and staring down my stubbornness.

I picked up some stretching DVDs on sale yesterday and have already put one through the paces. A good 50 minutes of stretching today. A 25 minute session this morning before work and another 25 minute session this evening to relax after a boring 12-hour shift. The stretching sure feels good.

And it turns out that my particular injury stems from this particular stubbornness. I pulled up on my calf at the end of the tempo section of my 13 mile run last Sunday. That was after running hard and steady through a series of hills, which strained that portion of my calf since it’s typically tight.

So even though I knew that I needed to be stretching, I wasn’t.

And now I’m paying for it.

So my down time is being filled with corrective action. Which feels real good. And knowing that I’ll come back stronger (and looser) feels great!

Plus, the bonus is that Goddess is right by my side! 😀


5 thoughts on “Stretching”

  1. Bill – one word, YOGA. It’s on my list to do. I even got a gift certificate for a local Yogi for Christmas. Man, you feel so great afterwards. You and Mistress could take a class together.

  2. You wrote:
    The stretching sure feels good

    I can’t imagine feeling so.

    You then wrote:
    And knowing that I’ll come back stronger (and looser) feels great!

    OK, I’m on board with that!

  3. I hear ya – stetching has never exactly been my strength (no pun intended). But over the last 3 weeks or so I’ve been stretching like no other. I agree with ya, it’s definitly going to make me stronger!

  4. how is that Yoga for Athletes disc? After 5 hours of climbing and punishing downhill (more like 4 hours of climbing, 40 minutes of descending, and 20 minutes of sucking down cytomax, GU, clifbars, and wondering why the hell I was the only girl out there with masters-aged expert mt bikers) on the MTB yesterday, I’m sore in places I didn’t know got sore from riding. I need some love for the muscles!

  5. sorry to hear of the mishap, and hope that you will soon be back to full strength. sometimes, this sort of thing is actually a karmic gift meant to help us regain a proper perspective in our efforts. and once again, thanks for sharing your adventures!

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