16. Minus 14.5

Well, today was supposed to be a 16 mile run. Absolutely gorgeous day for it too. 28F, with just a baby’s breath of wind, nary a cloud in the sky. Beautiful.

Started off real slow, which was the plan. Half a mile down the road, I could feel my left calf tightening up. It’s been bugging me since last Sunday’s 13-miler, where it tightened up quickly after my 6-mile tempo section. A couple of easy runs this week, some rolling, some stretching and all was fine, so I figured this morning that I’d work through it and it would loosen up.

By 1.5 miles it was very tight, like a string stretched too far. So I was going to walk for a minute or two and feel it out. That’s when I felt a little pop down there, which convinced me it was time to walk home. Mind you, it wasn’t a painful “something just snapped” pop, but one of those pops where something settled back into place. Either way, not something I wanted to feel.

So I’m R.I.C.E.’ing it today and will take a couple of days off, which were planned after today due to work and other commitments. Next week was a recovery week for this cycle anyway, so I’m extending it a bit.

In the meantime, we’re doing a bit of digging to try and find the trigger point. Something definitely needs some release.

Meanwhile, the countdown timer to the next marathon has ticked under 30 days…


7 thoughts on “16. Minus 14.5”

  1. I hope you figure it out. At least, you didn’t try to push through it like so many people would have.

    btw—my century bike race….it’s the same one that kicked my butt up and down the course last year. I’m hoping to have improved 1 mph over the entire course. I would be thrilled if I could do that. 1 mph might not sound like much, but it means a PR. I’m also hoping that my fitness has improved, so that I don’t look like I just died like I did when I finished last year. we’ll see.

  2. Keep that ice and pressure on it…do you have a good massage therapist? He/she could do some good too!
    Take care!
    Oh, and I hear an Asahi beer will do wonders too! 🙂

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