News You Can Use

Marathons Cut Risk Of Fatal Vehicle Crashes

So register, run and save a couple of lives.

Oh, but don’t sprint at the end. 😉

Not much news on the training front. I’ve mainly been running for the past month since my marathon. The work schedule has really kept me from the pool during lap swim times. And since the sun sets before I leave work, I haven’t been doing much on the bike. I abhor trainers, even rollers, but I need to get back on them. And with zero triathlons on the horizon, it’s a bit tougher to jump on the trainer, even though I keep telling myself that it’s good for the soul.

Just over nine days until the Mississippi Blues Marathon. I’m running the half, which I’ll treat as a training run for my next full, the 26.2 with Donna, in February. The half is just a good excuse to get out of town for a day and see another part of the country that we haven’t yet, plus get out and shoot some photos. I can certainly run the 13.1 from my front porch, but what’s the fun in that?

Here’s hoping the Holidays are everything you want them to be. We’re nice and relaxed here.

5 thoughts on “News You Can Use”

  1. Hey thanks for all the great info on the garmin. Can’t wait to get it all figured out.

    It looks like running can save lives…awesome!!

  2. Interesting study. Someone should tell the Mothers Against Drunk Driving that their time would be better spent on the road in a nice pair of asics and some spanky shorts.

    As far as riding, my crotch is what gets ME on the trainer. Just the thought of what that bike seat will feel like after months of NOT sitting on it is enough to scare me into some saddle time a couple of times a week. Glad you’re out running though.

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