Food Guidance

Reading Athena‘s blog this morning got me to looking around at links.

I found the greatest news concerning dark chocolate. Seven ounces a week!

That on the heels of my doc telling me that two drinks a night is a good thing.

All this great news makes it a bitch to stay near race weight, though.

BTW, I asked the doc if I could bank my drinks during the week and make a withdrawal on the weekend. For some reason, the look was disapproving.


2 thoughts on “Food Guidance”

  1. First: Love the cycling video. LOVE IT! might even it steal it, but I’ll do it later–much later–like after you forget that you ever posted it, and I can look cool.

    Next: Today’s post was SO FUNNY! Mr. Tea just explained to me yesterday that I could get my daily does of “fruit” by eating the Jelly Belly FRUIT flavored jelly beans. But that the chocolate flavored ones are “bad”. whowuddathunk?

  2. If those caliper pictures are yours, maybe you should be skipping the dark chocolate AND the drinks… Looks like that guy’s already got quite a bit saved up, but not in the way you were talking about.

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