7 thoughts on “Beautiful”

  1. Thanks for posting, Bill. As always, it’s well worth popping over to see what you’ve been up to!

    I just love this film’s elegance – the cut on the going-down-the-steps shot; the hop across the gap by the sea; the look behind after hopping off the dumpster; and that wonderful falling-off-the-bike-and-into-bed feeling.

    If you enjoyed this, I’d also recommend this film, which came [only just] above above my entry in the quickrelease.tv competition to get the world cycling.

    . . . and for y’all who’re missing cycling, now that it’s the middle o’ winter . . . . there’s always (at least until global warming really kicks in) skiing. Woo woo wooo hooo!

  2. Cheers, Karl. That was a lovely video too.

    re: this video, you’re right, the transitions are elegant. Goddess and I were really impressed with them.

    We’d love to go skiing. It’s just a matter of finding time, which there’s precious little of right now.

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