Some quotes from the past few days…

…heard ’round the Anders’ household since Sunday:

1. Me – (typically said whenever I climb out of a chair): “OW. Quit it. OW, OW. Quit it.”

2. Goddess – “And why exactly do you do this to yourself?”

3. Son – “Dad, when are you going to quit doing this to yourself?”

4. Me – “Hey, check these out. Mississippi Blues and Seaside. They both sound good to me.”

9 thoughts on “Some quotes from the past few days…”

  1. take your time in recovery. The month after a mary, especially the first, is to not put any pressure on yourself.

    You will heal faster physically than mentally. I know that after a hard run mary the next week I am able to go back out and run, but mentally it could take me several weeks. I’ll just go a couple miles and not have it in me to keep going.

    Buck up. Happy Thanksgiving. And PS…milk the phantom pain as long as you can.

  2. @Comm’s,

    Phantom pains? I like that. “Oh Goddess, can you bring me another recovery beer? It still hurts to get up.” Goddess – “But it’s been three weeks”. Me – “Yeah, I know, but I’m recovering real slow this time for some reason.”. 😀

    I certainly won’t rush recovery. It is the time of year to back off on things. I was hoping to get back into a bit of light swimming and biking, since I had focused so much on the run the past two months. I’ll still do that, but ramp up slowing through the holidays and early next year.

  3. yeah, i hear those things too…they think you’re insane. you grin. 🙂

    (and i did use body glide, just not nearly enough, apparently. or in the right places…)

  4. @Su,


    Not too insane, though. They know it’s something I love to do. Plus, if I can work a few of the races into places where we can visit family, all’s good.

    Sorry to hear about the Body Glide. Another one I use is Chamois Butt’r. It’s not just for the butt, but the thighs too, when I run.

  5. @Dave,

    I don’t hear the second one so much as I hear “What now?”.

    They’ve learned that there will be a next time. However, next time may be something completely different. It all depends on inspiration.

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