To a halt

Well, if I was rushing on Sunday, Monday brought me to a screeching halt.

Feeling increasingly under the weather through the weekend, waking up early Monday morning was an experience. Flowing from the nose like a hose (hey, that rhymes) and sharp pain in the chest when I coughed or drank anything.

Walking out of the doc’s office, I felt like I needed a picnic basket to carry the bottles. Now there’s an image for you, Fe-Lady.- all 192 lbs of me, skipping with a picnic basket. Outfit is your choice. 😉

Anyway, there went the rest of Monday, which I had off anyway. Goddess and I tried to think back to the last time I was sick. The best we can recollect was about five years ago. So I guess I was due.

Halfway through the day, Goddess walks out of the pantry with my new favorite snack – Special K Chocolatey Delight. Relatively healthy, with chunks of chocolate. What else can you ask for? One of these days I’ll try it with milk. But what’s the rush, right?

I’m telling you, yummy chocolate goodness.

So today I still wasn’t feeling right. So I went into work, grabbed the stack of folders off my desk and worked from home. No sense in getting everyone else sick. I’m just glad I have that sort of flexibility.

And I got to enjoy more of that yummy chocolate goodness.

And from the sounds coming from the kitchen, Goddess is digging in the box. Time to grab some for myself before its all gone.


11 thoughts on “To a halt”

  1. @Tea,

    That’s why the box doesn’t leave the kitchen. Pour some into a small, small bowl and then take the bowl with you.

    Now, that doesn’t prevent return trips, but at least you can think about it while you’re walking that way.

  2. I HAVE limited certain tastee treats from my children who have yet to achieve the age in which TRUE APPRECIATION of said delights is actually attainable.

    Case in point…Sesame Chicken from my favorite restaurant. I have slapped chicken off of their forks. No lie. Ask Mama Dummy. It is to be revered. I have no idea if I spelled that right…but it’s right below the Almighty.

  3. @ Tea,

    Ask Mr Tea to pour a small bowl for ya. In the other room. Out of your sight. And then have him place it someplace you can’t see.

    You’ll do fine.

    You can do it!

  4. @ Dummy,

    Absolutely. There are things that one must appreciate, not just shovel in.

    The joy of parenthood is seeing when they finally get it. Until then, keep slapping.

  5. sorry to hear you were under the weather – hope you are feeling better now.
    I am thinking along the same lines as Tea on the Special K problem is, Bigun would clean out the box before I had my first bowl…

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