Shirt Rules

Should they apply to swimwear too?

 Let me explain – I’m working a slow, slow night shift.  So I’ve plugged in to to catch up on podcasts.  The one I’m specifically listening to right now is from September 26th and relates to Race Shirt Etiquette.  It’s an interesting one, since I’ve thought about whether or not I should wear my pullover from my DNF.

Anyway, at about 9:37 into the commentary, Ben brought up a point that got me to thinking about the start of my DNF.  Ben states “…Never wear a shirt that is so old, thin and threadbare that you can see the color of your nipples or chest hair through it.”  Good rule, don’tcha think?

So why did the rule immediately make me think about the guy at the start of my DNF, standing in the lake, just deep enough that his coin purse could get wet, in a Speedo that was so thin you could actually see the color of his ass hair?


15 thoughts on “Shirt Rules”

  1. Now, that is an image that I managed to miss at the race. THANKFULLY! And, it is certainly not a mental image that I ever wanted to have either.

    come home.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that peeps wear their freebie, cheap-o t-shirts until they’re no longer even good enough to wax a car with. What am I saying? I still have my Univ. of Iowa hooded sweatshirt that I put on every Saturday during football games. I’m one of THEM! Arggghhh!!

  3. I have medically DNF’d and still wear a shirt I bought at the expo. I think there is a difference between a DNF and a DNRace or DNS.

    I about died on that damn course and while i didn’t finish I think I earned the right to wear it.

  4. oh my gosh…why did you have to share that story? why did i get a mental image? why? why? WHY?

    LOL – i almost spit my tea out…and reminds me of the guy who went to spin class in japan who’s cycling shorts were so old that you could clear see his crack – and accompanying hair…gross!

    and final note – i still wear a soccer t-shirt i got when i was 12. and i love it. i can never be on “What Not to Wear” b/c they’ll throw away all of my key scrubby wardrobe pieces.

  5. BILL!!

    ergh – my brain is cinged. I keep shaking my head but when I stop – there it is again – that image!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. My observations…
    1. Hairy dude needeth manscaping.
    2. Hairy dude sporting speedo.
    3. Hairy dude sporting WORN OUT USED UP speedo.

    I’d wear the DNF. I’m with Comm…DNF is better than DNR or DNS.

  7. COIN PURSE! Man, I learn new terminology everyday on blogs! That’s a great one…
    I guess he would have been a good reason to swim faster just to get away from him!

    I don’t wear shirts that I didn’t finish or do well in…but then I hardly wear the shirts of races I DO finish or do well in….except to sleep or paint in…
    but that’s just me.
    I don’t look good in T-shirts.

    (Like someone I know that is married to Bigun!) 😀

  8. That’s just scary. Reminds me of the guy in spin class who has a hole in his shorts. You are trying not to look, but it’s like a bullseye.

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

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