My favorite season, anywhere in the world.

Cool and dry, it makes for wonderful runs and rides.

But it makes me also dig out my camera, since the crisp dry air really comes out blue, especially with some judicious polarization.

We’ve got family in town this weekend, so we took the kids out to a pumpkin patch. Here are a few scenes from around the patch:

<update>Click on each of the pictures, which will take you to a gallery of similar images.</update>

Yep, that’s a bicycle up there. Probably not tri-worthy, but a ride just the same.

Hopefully you’re getting out and enjoying the season.

12 thoughts on “Autumn”

  1. Once again, the pictures are phenomenal.

    I wanted to tell you that I took one of your quotes. (The one about giving up when everyone would understand…) It’s become my mantra for this upcoming race. I taped it to my computer, and I think about it everytime I begin to struggle.

    thanks for the extra push

  2. Sunflowers are my favorite. It occured to me that you need to check out Matt Dunmore’s site (here in Chatt-a-vegas). You two would have fun comparing shots!

    Take Care

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