Friday’s Quote

Getting ready to pack the car, head out to registration, enjoy the buffet and sit through the pre-race briefing.

Who cares what you’ve already done; it only matters what you go out
and do right now.

Kristine Lily, US Women’s National Team

And to put it in context, I’ll include the rest of the e-mail:

A quote from my favorite soccer player who happens to be playing in her record 5th World Cup at the age of 36…She says this in her new adidas commercial, and of course, since it’s an adidas commercial, it ends saying “Impossible is Nothing.” More good words for you.

Thank you, Beth! I hope I live up to the words you’ve inspired me with this week.

See ya’ll Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Quote”

  1. Thanks, Brent and Brad.

    It didn’t work out. Things started going downhill for keeps at about mile 90 on the bike, for reasons I do not understand yet. The “run” was a disaster from the start.

    I’ll post details later.

    Thanks again,

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