Wednesday’s Quote

My good friend continues to inspire me from afar. Here’s today’s quote, setting me up with only 2.5 days to go:

Far better is it to dare mighty things,
to win glorious triumphs, even though checked by failure…
than to rank with those poor spirits
who neither enjoy much nor suffer much,
because they live in a gray twilight
that knows not victory nor defeat.

— Theodore Roosevelt


3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Quote”

  1. Bill- Best of luck – although, everytime I say “luck” to someone who has been training as hard as you and all of the other Tri athletes I feel as though I am short changing you. Luck really has nothing to do with it does it? How about Best of conditions to you. ?
    Anyway, I hope you kick butt in this race!

  2. Thank you so much, Di. I’ll take the luck, since I know that, regardless of the amount of training, there’s still an element of it that’s required.

    Conditions look to be perfect for Saturday. Temp at the start will be about 68, the high will be about 88. Water temperature right at 79. Light winds and some cloud cover. Couldn’t pay for anything better.

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