Taper Blues

Funny. A concept that I pooh-poohed in the past. Even after reading articles by respected tri-coaches on the topic. But here I am, caught in the middle of it.

Race minus 10.5 days.

I’ve been in a funk all day. Of course, some significant issues at work haven’t helped. But they haven’t been the cause either.

And I felt like a cinder block in the pool today.

Except the block would have been faster than me. And more hydrodynamic.

But there was a plus side to today. A good push of Canadian air and we’re enjoying our first taste of autumn. My favorite season of the year, no matter where I’ve been in the world. I’m looking forward to running in the cool, crisp air tomorrow morning. And then I’m really looking forward to the second push later this week, which will drop the lows over the weekend to below 50F/10C for the first time this year.

And NO, I do not feel like a failure. But that poster has always made me laugh.

Hope all is well with you.  And if you raced this past weekend, I hope you’ve found your legs again.

7 thoughts on “Taper Blues”

  1. I’ve heard of tapers making you feel like poo. I’ve never experienced that, since I read all the articles by the well respected coaches and politely ignore their advice. I hope you feel better on your run today than in the pool yesterday!

  2. yes, I’ve been there! Its very strange how your body reacts to more rest. I always feel lethargic and slow in the final days of a taper. Resist the temptation to go for a hard workout. Just trust in the rest and do some light activity to keep the muscles loose. You’ll come around.

  3. I love that poster! I’m tapering this week and have found myself thinking “maybe I didn’t train hard enough” maybe this maybe that. Good thing it’s Race Eve…I can’t handle another week of this.

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