Peak Shuffle and AKUS

Well, this was to be my training peak, with 16 hours of fun and excitement this week. Instead, work got in the way and I was lucky to get in an hour at the pool. So I’m doing a bit of week flipping and moving my workouts to this coming week and shifting next week’s scheduled recovery week to this past week. Hopefully I haven’t jacked peaking up too much, but there wasn’t any way around it.

Saturday night was date night with the goddess. We haven’t had one of those in quite a while. The boy was off at an away game (he’s in the band) that would see him getting home after 2am. So he spent the night at a friends house.

We made the drive down to Nashville, enjoyed some dinner and then walked the few blocks over to the Sommet Center to see Alison Krauss and Union Station (AKUS). The goddess and I are huge fans. She’s (goddess, too) got an amazing voice and they play some excellent bluegrass.

As my goddess said as we were seated, ready to AKUS to start, “you get to see your girlfriend”. Hehe. I’m willing to admit that Alison is quite easy on the eyes. But goddess certainly got her eyeful with Barry Bales, the bass player.

They got to the stage a bit late, but certainly didn’t disappoint. They rolled straight into their set and played for the next two hours. Every few songs they’d take a break and say some words, mostly about how happy they were to be home again (Nashville is their home base). During these breaks they’d have us laughing too. Alison would introduce each person in quite a humorous way. For instance, she introduced Jerry Douglas, the dobro player, as “Who’s that on the stage? Is it Emelio Estevez? Is it Antonio Banderas? Or is it Eric Estrada?” is a breathy, quasi-hispanic voice. Hilarious.

Also playing guitar and singing was Dan Tyminski, who you might be familiar with as the voice of George Clooney in the excellent, excellent movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?“. Needless to say, the place was hopping when he sang the movie’s signature song, “Man of Constant Sorrow“. Afterwards, Dan told the story about telling his wife about being picked to sing for the movie. He first told her that he was picked for a voice-over. She responded with “What’s that?”. He then explained that when she watched the movie, she’d look up at the screen, see George Clooney and hear his voice. She exclaimed “Oh Dan, that’s my fantasy!”. Of course, the place was rolling.

Again, excellent music and a great time. The tour is over, but if you get a chance to see AKUS in the future, I highly recommend it.


Before the show, as we picked up our tickets at the Will Call window, I asked the lady if we could buy tickets to our next planned concert since they went on sale that day. She looked at my, quite confused for a minute, then asked me to repeat. I repeated “Can we pick up tickets for the Korn show today”. We had a good laugh as she admitted that AKUS and Korn were definitely on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Oh well, I had to buy the tickets through Ticketmaster today. Goddess will sit that one out, so it’s just the boy and I down on the floor and in the crush of bodies. We’re looking forward to that!


5 thoughts on “Peak Shuffle and AKUS”

  1. Great story about Dan Tyminski. I love that movie.

    Here’s my slightly twisted version of a similar story… My wife is apparently a huge Chris Cornell fan. I loved early (early) Sound Garden songs, but I think Chris’s singing has ruined pretty much all their later work and anything he’s done since. In fact when I heard that the guys from Rage were hooking up with him I nearly poked my eardrums out in protest. The problem all started back in 1989 when the local Seattle music rag said Chris had “golden tonsils”. He was good up until that point, but afterwards he totally started smoking his own stash and in my opinion ruined a great band… and then went on to a career of ruining other great bands. The point is, I can’t stand Chris Cornell’s singing. I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice guy. But please, don’t ask him to sing around me!

    So apparently Chris is doing a concert here in Seattle, and my wife who has apparently forgotten how much I dislike his singing. So she keeps asking me if I want to go… and I keep saying something like “Yeah Right!” Eventually I say to her, “I can’t believe you want to go to a Chris Cornell concert?! Do you really like his singing? He’s really quite awful!” To which she replies… “Uh, I don’t really have any idea what his singing sounds like… I tune that out… I just like his looks!”

    Hmmmm…. I guess that means it’s ok for me to go to Pam Anderson concerts. 😉

  2. We saw Allison and company about a year ago here in Tucson…and they were fantastic! We sat in row three or four but there was a couple in front of us who thought it would be cool to get drunk and dance and yell at her concert…NOT that kind of performance. They should have been at an ACDC concert instead. Love Dan’s voice…and I think my hubby is in love with Allison too! 🙂

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