Tour of Ireland on VS, watching the video of IM Louisville down in the lower corner, tracking a few athletes there. Also tracking a few in IM Canada and finishing up reading the coverage of IM Korea.

But my goddess asked if it was a bit obsessive.

I don’t think so. It suits my ADD quite well.

I think I’ll open up a few Slowtwitch forum threads and watch her spin out. 😉

(Now that the Tour of Ireland coverage is over, she should be OK.  Except it’s now coverage of the World Track and Field Championships in Osaka).

Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Obsessive?”

  1. Funny! I too had a couple windows open last night watching for people to finish IM Canada. After 4 hours of training in the morning, and then watching people come across the finish line around 11pm, my wife thought I was a little overboard. But hey, triathlon gets in your blood!

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