Cross Training

Good thing this was a “recovery week”.

Does moving over 4,000 lbs of household goods in two days count as cross training? I think so. Especially when today turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. Good thing we left the heavy stuff for the movers tomorrow.

It’s just a move across town, but that means a new interweb connection that won’t happen until Wednesday. In the meantime, I’m behind in my school work (I have an understanding professor) and tomorrow’s the first day of my last Build cycle before I taper for my IM-distance race.

Nothing like letting life pile up, eh?


6 thoughts on “Cross Training”

  1. I hate moving!!! We had to move once in similar weather (mid-July in Chicago) 3 DAYS before my son was born. We were moving from a fourth story WALK-UP apartment to the ‘burbs.

    I had to run to the store several times to get MORE cold Gatorade for the movers.

    Hope you “recover” from it so you can wrap up that big training!

  2. 4000lb of house contents definitely counts as cross training . . . but only if the 20 square metres of ceramic tiles that I shifted up to our second story a couple of weeks back counts too!

    How long to go for your IM this year?

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