A break from the Steambath

Gorgeous weather finally here in Southern Kentucky. I hope that it rolls through again for the folks who are competing in Ironman Louisville in August and then I really hope it rolls through again for my IM-distance race in late September.

80 degrees, 40 percent humidity, light northerly breeze.

Perfect weather for my 5-hour brick.

A nice 75-mile ride, punctuated by charging dogs, waving farmers and a stop, then detour to get around a wonderful small-town parade, full of old Effies, Chevy‘s and classic tractors. One kind sheriff told me how to get across town without having to go down the parade route, which was on the US Highway. The detour got me most of the way, at least within 100-yards of the end of the route. After talking to the sheriff at the intersection that I ended up stopped at, she was kind enough to let me work my way along the route and keep on my ride. I thanked both again as I came back through town on my way home; luckily the parade was over by then and they just had to direct the heavy traffic.

A wonderful 6-mile run after that, through the corn fields and over the hills. The dry breeze really felt great.

Today was one of those workouts.

I love doing this.


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