New Lanes

We spent the weekend up near St Louis doing some work and spending time with friends. Definitely a good time. The work was long, but it’s always worth it when you can share good news and good times with friends.

Today threw me for a loop. Went to the pool for a swim during lunch and found that the community pool system decided to change their schedules, which meant that my normal pool was no longer open for lap swimming during lunch. So I drove over to the “new” lap swim pool and was pleasantly surprised. I traded an indoor 33.33 yard pool for an outdoor 50 yard pool. Schweet. And it’s closer to work than the indoor pool, so the commute is a bit shorter.

Talking with the other regular lap-swimmers, we all had quite a time with the longer lanes. I kept getting to where I would expect to turn, then look up to see another 50-60 feet of lane. But the advantage is less time spent “working” on my open turns, which are useless in open water swimming. And now I get to work on my back tan, which has a decidedly odd shape thanks to my sleeveless tri-top.

So after my warm up, the 40 minute tempo swim came in at a comfortable 2300 yards (1:44/100yd), which I was pleased with since it had been two weeks since my last swim, for various reasons, including a sharp pain in my right shoulder/right lat, which the masseuse-in-training at work is convinced are related, with the lat tightness causing the shoulder pain. It’s been interesting learning from him (and his teacher) about how all of our muscles are connected and the cause-and-effect of tightness and pain.

More family visiting this week, which will make juggling the training a necessity. But I’m sure they’ll understand.

I finally got off my butt and registered for the 140.6 that’s just up the street this September. Funny how doing a little thing, like committing money, will enable one to focus.

On another note, a question for anyone who’s familiar with the Middleton/Madison, WI area. Any recommendations for an 18-21 mile run route? I just found out that a cousin of mine, whom I haven’t seen in 18 years, is getting married next month. We’ll definitely travel, but I’ve already got a 3-hour run scheduled for that morning. Any ideas would be great.


6 thoughts on “New Lanes”

  1. I will probably be doing a lot of swimming for a while – I guess I need to learn to count laps! It is funny b/c when I swim at my parents I do a flip turn and I am half way across the pool. So, I have the same experience when I go from there to the gym pool – it seems so long!

    Take Care

  2. Sounds like a great pool. Most outdoor pools in the UK have closed down over the last 20-30 years, which is a real shame – there’s definitely something about swimming outdoors. Maybe we’re all just going soft.

  3. There are some nice long multiuse trails in Madison along either lake. Don’t know about Middleton, it’s a little further out.

  4. Swimming long course is so much better than 25m. You can really settle into a pace. I used to live in St. Louis but I tell you, swimming in the ocean beats all. I also have lived in Madison, WI, although I wasn’t as avid a runner. You can look up runs posted by other runners at the USATF website. I loved running around the lakes and Lakeshore Path by Lake Mendota when I was there.

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