Six Months Down

I quit posting weekly and monthly numbers, mainly because other than numbers, I wasn’t adding much to them. And I sure hate to bore the two or three of you that read this. But I was curious about how the first six months of this year added up, so I was looking at them over the weekend. I hemmed and hawed about how to present them, then saw JP’s tally today.

So with apologies to JP, and certainly no comparisons, here they are:

15 January – 30 June 2007

  • Total miles: 1,982.8
    • Total Swim: 65.87 miles (115,931 yards)
    • Total Bike: 1,433.7 miles
    • Total Run: 405.6 miles
  • Total time: 226 hours, 37 minutes
    • Total Swim: 43 hours, 4 minutes (19%)
    • Total Bike: 82 hours, 32 minutes (36%)
    • Total Run: 67 hours, 53 minutes (30%)
    • Strength, etc.: 33 hours, 8 minutes (15%)
  • Number of rest days: 33
  • Average hours per week: 9 hours, 28 minutes
  • Shortest training weeks: ZERO (active recovery week after my ½, with no planned workouts)
  • Longest training week: 15 hours, 20 minutes
  • Longest swim: 2.73 miles (4,800 yards)
  • Longest bike: 73.53 miles
  • Longest run (not counting race miles): 10.5 miles
  • Rides that have finished with “Honey, can you come pick me up?”: 1
  • Number of races: 1
  • Weight change: – 21.2 lbs
  • Body Fat percentage change: – 4.7 % (according to my uncalibrated Tanita home scale)

There are some interesting numbers in there. The ones that I’m most proud of are the bottom three bullets (race, weight, BF). The last two came from training for the first. And that 70.3 was my first at that distance.

As I looked at the percentage of time spent in each discipline, it confirmed what I already knew and that was that I’ve been spending too much time swimming and not enough time on the bike and run. So the focus has started changing. However, I’ve found that my relatively sudden increase in run time wipes me out mid-way through the week and I start skipping workouts because I know I can’t perform with the correct form. So it’s been a juggle.

Today is R-82 days (or 11.7 weeks) and counting until my full Iron-distance race. I’m starting to worry that I’m falling behind on building the deeper base necessary for the full race. But I also suspect that part of it is mental, since I haven’t committed to the race by paying for it. Guess I need to get off my butt and do that, since there aren’t too many full 140.6 mile races available where I can sleep in my own bed before and after.

Looking toward the rest of summer, time is tight. With a wedding to attend, a move of the family across town, my college class and several work projects looming, it’ll be tough.

But who said it’s supposed to be easy?

Take care,



4 thoughts on “Six Months Down”

  1. Nice totals and a great race number.

    Most folks do better to allocate much more bike time than run time. Time on the bike helps with the run; the reverse, not so much. And the recovery is easier!

  2. Hey, just happened across your page via the cycling tag. Those are some nice numbers, man. I’m an overly-motivated cycling noob, and I’ve been wondering what numbers are relevant to people who might wander through my blog. Now I have a better idea. I think I’ll bounce through to the page you got the source from. Ride on!

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