Water bottles and me

  1. When peeing on the bike, wait to swap water bottles until after you’re done. You’ve already had those electrolytes.
  2. After spraying the attacking dog with pepper spray, do not let the first thing you touch with your forefinger be the nipple on your water bottle.

I’ve been riding for about 20 years now. Always something new to learn.


6 thoughts on “Water bottles and me”

  1. Ho Ho Ho!
    And I thought I was the only klutz in class . . . If it’s any comfort, I have a friend who went to the toilet after cutting up chillies, but forgot to wash his hands FIRST.

  2. Molly –

    It’s handy in many situations, especially during races. Instead of having to wait until a portapotty comes around (which may be a long, long time) or pulling off on the side of the road (illegal in most places),you just relax and let it flow. The beauty of tri-specific shorts is that they dry quickly. So once you’re done, grab a bottle of water and wash yourself off. Another advantage is that you don’t lose any time or tighten up while you stand in line at a bathroom.

    It’s not something I do all the time, but it’s something that one needs to practice, especially since you have to figure out how to relax those muscles while pedaling.

    Some have figured out how to do it while swimming and running, but I’m not one of those. I had a laugh yesterday while listening to a podcast when a guy explained “not all women are ladies”. He talked about trying to chase down the leader of the women’s race. She stopped suddenly, squatted on the course, pulled her shorts aside and let flow. She was done and gone before he had a chance to catch her (he never did). I never did catch the connection about how she was not a lady; she was racing and couldn’t afford to spend the time standing in line.

    Pro cyclists can actually maneuver their shorts while riding so they aren’t going through their shorts, but that’s too much work and seems to be much messier.

    Hope that explains it. 😀

  3. . . . while swimming . . . ?

    That reminds me of the line, “There are two sorts of divers – those who pee in their wetsuits, and those who lie about it!”

  4. Thanks to Karl’s recent link I was lead to this wonderful post… and I have two things to add… wait… maybe three.

    1) The proper “wet suit” joke is… “There are 2 kinds of ____ (triathletes or scuba divers), those who pee in THEIR wetsuits… and those who RENT!” (rim shot!)

    2) On the Seattle to Portland double century a couple years back, I saw a group of riders approaching us from the opposite direction. They were clearly racers out on a long training ride, fully kitted out… I noticed that the guy in the back of the line was trailing by a good 50 yards, and then realize he had an amazing stream flowing in a giant arch landing a good 10 yards away from his bike off the side of the road. He was rolling along at 20mph, and had no problem with flow for a good 55-60 seconds. It was a sight to be seen!”

    3) I have to admit, I’ve never tried the pee through your tri shorts on the bike… but I’ve done it several times while swimming. I was recently told by a female Iron distance triathlete that peeing on the bike was “the only way to go”… I was skeptical. But to hear that my main man Bill is down with it… well… SIGN ME UP!

    Carry on, nothing else to see here!

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