Why We Tri

Endurance Planet just posted a wonderful little video entitled “Why we Tri“. Click on the title to open the video in a new window. Unfortunately I can’t embed it here.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Last week was my first training week after my post-race recovery. My virtual coach had me straight back into high volume Base training with a 15-hour training week. Too bad I didn’t make that, but I’m OK with the idea.

My in-laws dropped in for a few days, which made training at that volume a bit hard to fit in. But that’s OK, family comes first with no reservations. This weekend my parents come into town and it’ll be the same thing. I’ll squeeze in a run or ride if I can, but I don’t plan on it, especially since my Dad’s coming in to help me rebuild the back end suspension of my ’64 Chevy truck. I know I’ll get plenty sweaty doing that. I’ve already managed to break a few bolts and I suspect I’ll break a few more. If not, I know I’ll be cutting a few off too.

One thing I’ve been amazed with is how fast the corn is growing. The back of the yard butts up against several hundred acres of corn planted by the Mennonite family that lives just up the hill. This weekend I walked back and looked at the corn, which was just barely waist high. Today, just a few days later, it’s chest high, perhaps chin high in places. And on today’s ride, I discovered the downside to the fast growth. Where I recently had wide open roads and fields which made it easy to see cross-traffic approaching, I now have a few blind corners on my favorite routes. Oh well, I’d rather have the greenery and scenery.

I hope all is well with you.

2 thoughts on “Why We Tri”

  1. Hey Bill
    Thanks, as always! Your two cents is always worth a lot more than you think!
    Your corn story made me think of an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about pig farmers feeding their pigs trail mix, candy and other basic “stuff” they can buy in cheaply in bulk b/c the price of corn is so high from ethanol.
    Take Care

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