R&R and it’s about time

The recovery week is finally here. How do I celebrate it? By being wide awake half the night. Not on purpose, mind you. I actually fell asleep, but was wide awake 20 minutes later. A perfect nap. Too bad it was at 10pm.

After Friday’s adventures, I took it easier today. 4800 yds in the pool, 8×600 sets. Nice and easy. And that finished off the week.

Now it’s time to recover. And for me, the process looks something like this:

The beginning is me right now. At the end, that’s how I am at the end of the recovery week. Just as it should be.


One thought on “R&R and it’s about time”

  1. Bill – great video. What do you do during recovery week – absolutely nothing, or a cut down programme?

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