Rest, Recovery and Relaxation

It’s been a busy week. Busy enough that the first chance I’ve had to update this is at 3am on Monday morning. Apparently I don’t need any more sleep tonight.

Funny how a recovery week can be so busy. But work was quite a handful last week. And the realization that I hadn’t had a day off from work (travel days count) in almost three weeks, I told the boss it was time for a day off. So I was lucky enough to make this a three day weekend. And I’ve been able to rest.

After my unscheduled hiatus from training last weekend while being stuck in Washington, D.C. due to weather, I was quite frustrated with the impact on my schedule. It took a couple of days of realization that although the time was key, it wasn’t critical and that I needed to keep my eye on the long term goals, which are the half- and full-Ironman distance races this year. Missing out on eight hours of training was not going to break me. If anything, it leaves me well-rested to start my first Build week today.

Everything I’ve done up to now has been laying the foundation for the coming year. That time is called the “Base” period, which is low-medium intensity, but high in volume. That work is now done (for now). In the coming two months leading up to my half-Ironman distance race, I’ll be building the intensity while maintaning a reasonable amount of volume.

But enough of that.

One of my overarching goals for this year of training and racing is to remain balanced. Easier said than done, since it’s something that I haven’t been able to do in the past. But I’ve worked my training schedule so that by the time I’m done with my Saturday morning workout (my longest of the week), I’m done with training for the week. That gives me the rest of the weekend to spend with my family and doing other things.

This weekend we made a quick visit to the local winery and sampled a few from their selection. Who would have thought that good wine could be made in northern Tennessee? I always thought whiskey, but the wine will do too.

And with the weather so good, I was able to spend the day yesterday smoking a couple of chickens while I resumed work on my 1964 Chevy 1/2-ton truck. Hopefully before next winter I’ll have the entire rear frame and then the bed redone. I’m patient, since this is the goal:

OK, maybe not that clean, since I still intend on using my truck as a truck, but that’s the idea.

And I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this:

That which calls to my inner ocean, having been a surf rat for many decades (getting to be a bit more than I would like to think about). That footage of Laird Hamilton being towed-in to Teahupoo always floors me. I remember standing on the beach in Western Australia with my Aussie surf buddies, staring at that cover of Surfer magazine and being completely dumbfounded. Slack-jawed, in fact. That’s one sick wave. And it takes balls of steel to get into it.

And finally, here are two ladies that have bigger balls than them all. No words can follow…


2 thoughts on “Rest, Recovery and Relaxation”

  1. Those ladies had some serious spirit. I know you’ll be thinking about that when you do the 1/2 and full ironman races.

    Just keep truckin’ along. I’ll be there waiting.

  2. That IM video always gets me. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, I am so proud of them and so proud of the human spirit when I see it. It blows me away. Thanks for sharing!

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