Holy Shrinking Helmet, Batman

25 F, or -4 C for the rest of the world.  Slight northerly breeze, about 7 mph, or 11 kph for the rest of the world.  Makes the wind chill about 19 F, or -7 C for the rest of the world.  Grinding into the headwind, in the big ring, tucked as aero as I can go to cut down on what parts of me are exposed to my effective wind chill of 8 F, or -13 C for (oh heck, you know the drill).  For 90 minutes.

What does all of that mean?  It means the plastic band that holds my helmet snug to my head shrinks in the cold, which squeezes my melon.  Which leaves large marks in my forehead and gives me a headache.

It’s good to be alive.


5 thoughts on “Holy Shrinking Helmet, Batman”

  1. Never had the incredible shrinking helmet syndrome – if you’re having a good hard workout, could it be hour head expanding as you warm up during the ride?

    The rest sounds pretty familiar though. The thing is, I think that provided that you’ve got your clothes / layering just right, and there’s no ice on the road, cold weather cycling is about as good as it gets.

    Once I’ve managed to get out of the bed (warm duvet . . . cold room . . . brrrr), the rest is plain sailing. I just need to make sure I remember to shovel some fuel down my neck before heading on out.

  2. I don’t know if it’s my helmet shrinking or my head growing… but I’ve certainly gotten a serious case of helmet head, red lines and all, and a throbbing headache to top it off.

    I agree with you though, it makes you feel alive!

  3. Karl – I know there are a few that would have issue with my head growing even more. I’m sure some think I can’t get through the door (it’s a bit snug).

    I never forget the fuel. I wake up hungry and that’s the first thing I do (well, besides the other necessities).

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