Southeast US

Two months have passed since the last post. Pretty sad, isn’t it? But life sometimes gets that way…

In three separate trips since late November, I’ve been through North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida (three times), Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. I’m am so glad to be sitting at home in front of my own computer.

But it’s not all bad. I’ve managed to reacquaint myself with some old friends and see family that I haven’t seen in years.

I’m just tired of the travel. But at least through travel we’ve been able to enjoy some wonderful sights.

Saint Mark’s Light


St Marks Light


And one of the most interesting things that I had the pleasure of experiencing on each of the trips through Florida are the amazing pine trees. Straight and tall, perfect for lumber.

Solo Pine

A couple of days after Christmas, we were able to visit what has been, for many years, our most favorite town in the southeastern United States – Natchitoches, Louisiana. It was a pleasure to see the town lit up for the holidays, just as it has always been. Especially after spending the day driving across southern Mississippi and Louisiana, where we got to see the effects of Hurricane Katrina, fifteen months on.

Lit Convergence

Impressionistic Reflection

I hope the new year is finding you in good health and good spirit.

4 thoughts on “Southeast US”

  1. seemingly, a private blog like this demands more self discipline, but i believe that if you would post more often, people would check more often, and the project would gather inertia. i have a similar problem… best.

  2. great selection that you have here. I did enjoy spending time with you at each location and renewing ourselves. I loved our secret rendezvous. Thank you for a magical time.

  3. What lens did you use for “Broken”? I’m headed down there on August 2nd with my Canon Digital Rebel XTi & would like to rent a similar lens to take. 🙂

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