If Clapton is God, that makes Jonny Lang Jesus

I love live music. Especially good live music, even though I have been known to suffer through some questionable acts to enjoy the talent of one of the band members.

Suffering was not the issue this past weekend. We drove down to Nashville to see Jonny Lang play at the historic Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Ole Opry for over 30 years.

Absolutely incredible performance.

Several of the ladies in the audience were more interested in his flexing muscles and eyes, but they really added to the atmosphere. If you’ve never been to the Ryman, it’s a cozy theater, where none of the 1298 seats is no more than 100 feet from the stage. The seats are church pews, very fitting for the hallowed hall. The flooring is all wood, which makes for a rocking time when everyone’s stamping their feet, both on the main floor and up on the balcony.

When we bought the tickets, they were adamant that no cameras be brought into the auditorium. Wouldn’t you know it, right before the show they announce that we can take pictures from our seats. Aaaarrrgghhhhh! All of the cameras were at home.

The boy can wail on a guitar, with incredible feeling, flow and technique. He has truly mastered his art. It was a pleasure to watch. Especially when he got giddy after he discovered that he had blown his amp. Ooops.

If you get a chance to see him play, you must.

My other project has kept me very busy. If you aren’t sure about what that project is, look at the pictures here. That project has kept me so busy that I’ve actually managed to miss the peak of fall color here, which is, hands down, my most favorite part of the year. But with a lull in the project, we got out for a look just down the road.
Running of the Bull, KY style
Falling Autumn

It was cloudy, cold, wet and windy. Great lighting conditions for photography, but not so good for standing out in. I was thinking about the conditions and how it couldn’t possibly get any worse, except for a good hard rain. I got what I “wished for”.

Falling Road

Get out there and enjoy the show, whether it be manmade or natural.

p.s.  If you are scratching your head at the title of the blog, read this.

9 thoughts on “If Clapton is God, that makes Jonny Lang Jesus”

  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the show! I have Jonny’s first three cds and very much like the the first two, and like the third. I;ve only heard snippets from his new album, but what I’ve heard I didn’t really like. What type of stuff did he mainly play? (I’m assuming you’re familiar with all his albums, and if not, thats okay too :-))

    i’d be really interested in seeing him in concert if i get the chance. You’re right, that guy can play some killer guitar! And he was doing that since he was 16 on his first album!

  2. Patrick – he covered the range, not really focusing on his new album, although he did play a few songs. Quite interesting, since he brought out a local gospel choir on-stage to back him up. Definitely a lot of fun. -bill

  3. finally someone that thinks cloudy conditions are good to take pictures in ……nice that you had fu at the show keep on ….i love your pictures

  4. i would suggest a little camera tucked in one of your pockets for those places where they have the “no camera” rule. often, it’s because they find the flashes distracting, and don’t mind an unobtrusive shot… which are the best anyway.

  5. Thanks, Shimon.

    We have a camera for exactly that type of place. But they were quite adamant at the web site and place we bought tickets.

    But we learned for next time.

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