Stealing. Stealing. Stealing in the name of the Lord.

What’s the title have to do with anything?

Not a damn thing. It’s just a line stuck in my head from a great song by a great DJ. Gary Clail’s his name and if you get a chance, give him a listen. He was a DJ when folks didn’t think of DJ’s. He was pushing beats 15-20 years ago, when the only DJ’s that anyone knew where the guys that backed the Rap (soon to be R&B) performers. The line has stuck with me since 1990 or so, when he screamed that line through a megaphone into the mic.

I’ve been quite busy with other projects lately, hence the lack of photos. Here’s my biggest project, a 1964 Chevrolet 1/2-ton Fleetside pickup truck:

New Toy #1

New Toy #2

It’s basically a love affair with an older woman. She’s 42 years old and needs lots of TLC. The easy stuff was taken care of right away, like buffing out those ugly rust stains, which was easy. It has since progressed to reworking her heart (carburetor) and her knees (shocks).

I do love the fact that my lovely wife has yet to get jealous. At least outwardly.

8 thoughts on “Stealing. Stealing. Stealing in the name of the Lord.”

  1. Lol, you two are so cute.

    Grats on your new time consuming, oil leaking project!
    Hope the breaks on yours don’t go out like they did on mine!


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