Rising Tide

After a week of temperatures above 100°F (38°C), albeit with low humidity (which is lovely) and a couple of weeks before that out east where the temperatures weren’t quite as high, but the humidity made it much worse, we decided it was time for a respite.

So we headed to the coast, which is just a few hours away.

It was a great call, even if it was for one night.

Down there, the temperature never got above 60°F (16°C) and the persistent fog and low clouds meant that we didn’t see the sun.  It really was a nice change.

And I got to spend time with my feet in the ocean.

That is very good for this soul.

Rising Tide

For a few hours in the afternoon on the first day, when this image was captured, I may or may not have had a Blondie song from 1980 playing in my head.  Just something to keep the mind flowing as I kept finding scenes that made me smile.

But that smile might have been from the cool water rushing around my legs and the sand between my toes.

Standing Watch

I do enjoy this angle whenever I’m in a situation where an official or honor guard is in place.

Standing Watch

Tomb of the Unknown, Arlington National Cemetery.

Compare to this one, taken a few years ago at the Horse Guard Headquarters in London, England:

At the Ready

As images go, I have a preference.

Which is yours?


It’s not too often that I talk about companies or products here.  I have talked about some cycling, running and triathlon related products over the years, especially once I’m confident that it’s something that I like.

This is one of those times.

Actually, a moment to rave about some phenomenal customer support from one of the companies.

The company is Light & Motion, creators of personal lighting systems for pretty much any activity you want to engage in, on ground, in the air or in the water.

The story:

I bought a set of Stella 300 Dual headlights back in autumn of 2009.  I needed them for my bicycle commute to/from work in Germany.  If you’ve lived in Germany, the winters are cold and dark.  Very dark.  Especially if you spend a large amount of time riding through the forest, hoping to dodge any deer or boar that want to cross the trail.

Brilliant riding!

They treated me extremely well through 3.5 brutal German winters, including two in a row that the German weather service declared “the worst in 40 years”, followed by “the worst in 41 years”.

Days like this:

Winter Riding in Germany

Except when I was commuting, it was pitch black except for what the Stella would illuminate.  Which on a snowy ride like this, pretty much everything was illuminated for a good 30-40 yards ahead.

Like I said, brilliant riding.

Here in Oregon, I don’t need them for daily commutes, instead breaking them out on occasion, like every Monday to get home from the bike polo game.  A couple of months ago I realized they were not working as they had, or should.  So I contacted Light & Motion.

A bit of talking back and forth and they suggested that I send it in for a look.  Which I did.

They arrived back at my front door today, an almost completely brand new set.

Looking at the work order, it mentions that they replaced the cable (that runs between the battery and the lights) as well as changed out the lights.  In other words, they rebuilt a new set, which is great since they no longer make this model.

So the lights are almost five years old and completely rebuilt.

They covered it under warranty work!

The quote that they gave me prior to the work was extremely reasonable, coming in at around 1/10 the cost of buying a new light kit.  I was pleased with that, knowing that their standard warranty length is two years.  But three years after that point, they still covered it.

Amazing service that was completely unexpected.  Unexpected, but greatly appreciated.

Broadcasting their excellence to the world is the least I can do.

So if you’re in the market for headlamps or headlights or dive lights, buy from Light & Motion.

I know any lights I buy in the future will be from them.


Lincoln Sitting

As I alluded to in the last post about being somewhat near the Smoky Mountains, Goddess and I spent the better part of the last two weeks in the sweltering heat and humidity of Virginia and Washington, D.C.

It really isn’t the heat, it really is the humidity.

Which is a large part of why we live out on this side of the country.

It was a great visit, full of family and friends.  Plus, Goddess had never been to D.C., so we did a bit of sightseeing too.

This is my favorite angle to view the Lincoln Memorial.  Long-time readers might remember this night shot from January 2011, which was a similar view, but closer.

Lincoln Sitting

We’re back home now.  It’s till hot, pushing close to 100°F (38°C), but at only 15% humidity, it’s quit bearable.

Even in these temperatures, we were able to get in quite a few rousing games of bike polo this evening.

Something I wouldn’t even dream of doing in the humidity out east.

Smoky Mountains

No, not those Smoky Mountains.

Although by the time you are reading this, we aren’t too far from them.  We just won’t have a chance to visit.

But first, THANK YOU to all that participated in my summer sale!  By now all of the prints have shipped and are on their way.  If you’re in the US and haven’t received them by mid-week next week (say 16 July), please let me know so I can track them down.

While the last few images have reached back some 2, 4 and 10 years, this is just a few weeks old.

Smoky Mountains

Nothing like a rainy day in the mountains to make it seem like another planet.

For Rent (and last day on sale!)

Although this isn’t the last of the “flashback” landscapes, today is the last day of my summer sale on prints (see details below).

Ten years on, this is still one of my favorite images.  Whenever I’m in a funk or just need to refocus my energies, I like to pull up the raw image and work it.  Sometimes I improve upon earlier versions, sometimes not.  Regardless, the moment makes me smile.

For Rent

Sunrise, Lake Tanuki, Fujinoyima, Japan; December 2, 2004.


LAST DAY for 15% off!!!!!

It’s simple -> Enter “Summer14” when you check out and receive 15% off pre-shipping costs.



I do appreciate your support.

Rainy Praha

Still keeping with the landscape theme, although this is more of a cityscape.  But the shapes and textures appeal to me just as if it were a mountain range or fields.

Rainy Praha

Downtown Prague, Czech Republic; April 11, 2010.



Just a gentle reminder about the sale that I have going on.

It’s simple -> Enter “Summer14” when you check out and receive 15% off pre-shipping costs from now until July 7th, 2014.



I do appreciate your support.

Still Standing

Instead of feeding a stream of pics from the last cloud/rock session, now would be a good time to throw some variety up on the wall.

I’ll reach back a few years or more for the next few posts.  Long time watchers will recognize a few, but hopefully there’s a surprise or two.

The images will be a few of my favorites, likely focused on landscape shots, as that’s the direction my photography has gone since moving here to Oregon early last year.


A neat little shed in the middle of a grass field.  The shed has seen better days, not weathering the elements as well as the Alpspitze, the highest point in Germany, in the background.

Still Standing

Garmish-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany; August 29, 2012.


Just a gentle reminder about the sale that I have going on.

It’s simple -> Enter “Summer14” when you check out and receive 15% off pre-shipping costs from now until July 7th, 2014.



I do appreciate your support.


Well, we got the rain that we desperately need.  It started early this morning and continues here at midnight.

Early on I was expecting showers and thunderstorms, but luckily we just got a steady, soaking rain.

Exactly what we need.

At first I was disappointed, hoping to get some good valley shots with the showers and thunderstorms.  I needed another point of view.

Sitting with Goddess today at a local winery, looking at the countryside and reminiscing about living in Europe, the image I wanted popped into mind.  So it was just a matter of making the trip to see if it would happen.

It did.


Pilot Rock, Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Oregon.


Just a gentle reminder about the sale that I have going on.

It’s simple -> Enter “Summer14” when you check out and receive 15% off pre-shipping costs from now until July 7th, 2014.



I do appreciate your support.


I was planning on a new shot taken on the first full day of summer.  An appropriate picture to kick off a summer sale.

I had planned for the past week on the angle I needed to get one of the local rocks framed by the Milky Way.  A fun shot that takes a fair bit of planning and time to execute, all in the dark of a moonless night.

But, unlike the rest of spring, we got clouds.

I won’t complain about the clouds too much, as we’re in a drought here and this batch of clouds is a precursor to rain later this week.  That’s good news, although the weather systems coming in look to be unstable enough for thunderstorms.  Thunderstorms on these dry forest lands mean fires.  We’ve had a few already this year, but this looks like this could be the start to the real fire season.

I’ve been in a few areas of forest lately that really need a good burn in order to become healthy again.

Anyway, the clouds prevented me from getting the image that I wanted this evening, but that’s a minor inconvenience.  There are plenty more opportunities this summer to get the image I am thinking of.

So instead, I’ll reach back to last year for an image that is familiar to all of you long-time followers, perhaps new to those that have started viewing in the past year.


So back to the summer sale.

It’s simple -> Enter “Summer14” when you check out and receive 15% off pre-shipping costs for the next two weeks.



As always, I do appreciate your support.

Now get out there and enjoy summer!

(and for those of you south of the equator, think of summer when you enter the code!)


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